Acculturation between Muslims and Christians in Andalusia from the Conquest to the Fall of the Umayyad Caliphate 92-422 AH / 711-1031 AD. An Historical and Civilizational Study

بدرية بنت عبدالعزيز العوهلي


The question of acculturation is a new topic for the Islamic history of Andalusia, and studying it helps to shed light on tolerance in the Islamic religion and contributes to refuting accusations of terrorism and to affirming the moderate view of Islam to non-Muslims. This article examines the factors that led to acculturation between Muslims and Christians in Andalusia, clarifies how acculturation manifested itself and observes the impact of acculturation on the cultural life among the Christians in Andalusia and its broader civilizational impact in Europe and in the relations between the Muslims and the neighboring Christian states. The article clarifies how peaceful cooexistence and exchange of knowledge among intellectually and religiously diverse peoples were achieved, especially between Muslims and Christians, and reviews how vitalizing the civilizational role that Muslims played in Andalusia can help create a strategy for us to benefit from acculturation in our own day.


Acculturation, Translation, Mozarabic Culture, History of Spain, Historical Narrative and Literary Novel


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