Observations on the Inscription of King Pepi II in Wadi al-Magharah in Sinai

عماد أحمد الصياد


Among the important inscriptions in Wadi al-Maghara in Sinai is the inscription of King Pepi II of the Sixth Dynasty, which is a testament to the last presence of Egyptian economic activity during the Old Kingdom in this region, as there are no inscriptions of his successors indicating the continuation of economic activity there. Besides the importance of its context, which was associated with the dispatch of miners, two linguistic features of civilizational significance appeared in the inscription, the first, related to the unusual writing of the name of Lower Egypt before Upper Egypt indicating the duality of the land of Egypt, and the second related to the manner of writing the title of the royal mother, placed between the two elements of the crown title. The research aims to try to find civilizational justifications that refute the idea that these features are merely linguistic errors of the writer.


Pepi II, Old Kingdom of Egypt, Wadi al-Maghara, Sinai.


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