Al Khawaby Valley- A New Site Dated to Prehistory South of Syria

Amal Al-Qasim


This research deals with a Typological and technical study of a collection of the stone tools discovered later in Al-Khawaby Valley on the Syrian-Jordanian border in the south of Syria. Through this study, it was clear to distinguish most important stone productions dated to Paleolithic, which the region witnessed through ages. Till present time, studies deal with prehistory in the southern region in Syria is very poor, so it will be an initial step to work in putting an obvious chronology and presenting a production about the region. By comparison with sites in the north and in the north-east of Jordan, which geographically neighbor site of Al-Khawaby Valley, the research also shows importance of this region as one of the main gates, from which the ancient man moved to north and middle Syria, after leaving many of the evidences, of which some were buried with the volcanic lava, which affected the region in the old times.


Al-khawaby Valley, Paleolithic, Typological and technical study

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