Patterns and Determinants of Early Retirement: The Case of Jordanian Men

Ibrahim Alhawarin


By utilizing data from Jordan Labor Market Panel Survey (JLMPS), this study shows that nearly 85% of the male retirees had retired early, where, around 45% of them returned to the labor market and occupied jobs characterized to some degree by informality. Economically active early pension receivers, however, appeared to suffer from high unemployment rates, particularly those men retiring from the private sector. The results of the logistic regression indicate that army and security forces were more likely to retire early and to return to labor market. While household wealth appears to inversely influence the probability of early retirement, family size has a positive impact. In contrast, education and area of residence are found to be inconsistently and weakly associated with early retirement and post-early retirement choices of men.


Early Retirement, Post-Early Retirement Choice, Labor Force Participation, Informal Sector.

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