Shift - Share Analysis and Changes in Industrial Employment: Case Study Amman Governorate

Tha’er M. A’yasreh


Amman governorate has witnessed during the period 1998-2011 an increasing growth in both population and employment that has become an increasingly important part in Jordan's economy. This study explains the reasons for the strong growth of the industrial sector in the capital Amman, governorate by exploring the growth of industrial employment during 13 years. The shift and share analysis has been applied to separate the components of the shift and share based on the change of employment in the industrial sector in the capital governorate in comparison with the national level. The results of the study show that the capital governorate has seen real growth of employment in the industrial sector during the period of study where 95% of this growth is interpreted by exogenous shift component, consisting of the national share component. The results of the study show that half of the growth in industrial employment due to four industries namely: manufacturing of food and beverage products, manufacturing of chemical substances and products, coke and, petroleum products, manufacturing clothes, and dyeing of fur, and manufacturing of metal products, with the exception of machines and equipment.


Shift-Share Analysis, Industrial Structure Analysis, National Share Component, Shift Component, Mix Industrial Component, Differential Shift Component.

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