The Factors of Migration in Northern Mountain Region of Pakistan (A Case Study of Tehsil Murree, District Rawalpindi)

Saqib Shakeel Abbasi, Tae Kyun Kim


This study was conducted in Tehsil Murree area of Rawalpindi District. Data was collected from around 450 participants in order to assess the factors of migration from the area. Descriptive analysis of the results showed that agriculture is not the primary source of income for the people of Murree area and they have shifted to off farm activities. The results showed 23.07% of the people have already migrated from the Tehsil. The Logit model was used, both to estimate the impact of the independent variables on declining agriculture due to increasing migration in the area and to predict probabilities of changes in migration pattern. The analysis in the study area establishes the fact that migration in Tehsil Murree is due to many factors that includes age, education, family members, number of children, education in the area, land area and percent contribution of agriculture in total income. The study has shown that ignorance from farming system and out migration from the area, are altering the natural environment leading to the disappearance of natural habitat, flora and fauna which has critical implications on rural livelihoods.


Mountain Agriculture, Tehsil Murree, Murree Migration

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