The Impact of Customers Relationships Management on Organizational Performance from the perspective of Jordanian Commercial Banks Managers: An Empirical study

Soud Almahamid, Amjad Twiqatt, Renata Hadadin


The study aims to investigate the impact of Customers Relationships Management on the organizational performance from the perspective of Jordanian commercial banks managers. In order to achieve the objectives of the study the researcher designed a questionnaire to gather the primary data from the study sample. The population of this study consists of Jordanian commercial banks (13 banks). The research sample consists of all managers and head of departments in Jordanian commercial banks. Out of 150 questionnaires retrieved, only 138 were valid for further analysis, 12 were excluding due to large percentage of missing data. The results revealed that there was a significant impact for Customer Relationships Management (key customers focus, Customers relationships management organization, Customers Knowledge management, and technology-based customers’ relationships management) application on organizational performance measured by balanced scorecard (financial dimension, customers dimension, internal processes dimension, and learning and growth dimension) in commercial banks working at banking sector in Jordan. The results also indicated that the key customers famous and customers’ relationships management organization have the highest impact on organizational performance measured by balanced scorecard, but no impact were noticed for customers knowledge management and technology-based customers relationships management. Based on the research results, the study arrived to set of practical recommendations among the foremost are: The Jordanian commercial banks should be given more attention to technology-based customers’ relationships to boost customers’ satisfaction. Commercial banks also should activate customers’ knowledge management to improve customers’ satisfaction and their competitive positions. Finally, commercial banks should raise the awareness of their customers to use electronic interaction tools that are fundamental to technology-based customers’ relationships management in order to know their developed needs and retain them.


Customers relationships management, Organizational Performance, empirical study

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