The Impact of Strategic Information Systems in Achieving Competitive Advantage in Arab Potash Company in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Hisham Othman Al-Mobaideen


This study aimed to measure the impact of Strategic Information Systems to achieve competitive advantage in Arab Potash Company in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to achieve the objectives developed the questionnaire for the purpose of primary data collection, where the number of valid questionnaire for analysis (116) questionnaire, and used the (SPSS.16) software for the analysis of questionnaire data. The study found that the perception of the individuals of the sample of the level of importance of strategic information systems and the level of competitive advantage was moderate, and alliances and partenerships dimention the first one, followed by the least cost dimention then the differentiation in the product dimention. In addition there is an impact of the application of strategic information systems in achieving competitive advantage dimentions (low cost, differentiation, alliances). The study recommend several recommandations the following most notably: paying attention to building strategic information resources and to input of strategic information systems and more efficient coordination between the operational processes in companies belonging to the factory, to bring new products and gain market share and product development based on market studies and determine the needs of customers, moreover to establish an organizational culture within the company based on utilizing strategies of the strategic information systems.


Straregic Information Systems, Competitve Advantage, Arab Potash Company, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

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