Factors Affecting the Adoption of Sustainable Marketing by Food industrial Companies in Palestine

Sam A. Alfoqahaa, May I. Safi


This research investigates the role of factors affecting the adoption of sustainable marketing by food industrial companies in Palestine. These factors are regulations on pollution and environmental protection, limited natural resources and its increasing costs, the change in consumer attitudes and behavior, stakeholders’ interest and awareness on issues of social responsibility, and top management attitudes toward sustainable marketing. To achieve the research objectives, five hypotheses have been developed and empirically tested using simple and multiple regression analysis. Research data was collected by administering a questionnaire to a sample of 248 companies operating in Palestine's food industry. Hypotheses testing results showed a statistically strong relationship between all independent variables and adoption of sustainable marketing by food industrial companies except the variable of consumer attitudes and behaviors, it has no significant relationship with the adoption of sustainable marketing. The study provides a set of recommendations for companies and the government.


Food industrial companies, Sustainable marketing, Environmental protection, Natural resources, Social responsibility

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