The Impact of Applying Talent Management Strategies in Enhancing the Organizational Affiliation among Faculty Members in Jordanian Public Universities

Saleh Ali Al Jarrah, Jamal Daoud Abu-Doleh


This study aims to investigate the impact of applying talents management strategies to enhance organizational affiliation. In order to fulfill the broader aims of this study, the researcher tended to design a questionnaire as a tool to collect primary data from a sample of (300) members belonging to the faculty family of Jordanian official Universities. After a deep analysis to the data and hypotheses presented in this study, a number of results have been obtained among them: Existence of a medium level of applying talents management strategies, Existence of a medium level of organizational affiliation among the members of faculty in the official Jordanian Universities, and there is a significant impact and extrusive correlation to the application of talents management strategies at the level of organizational affiliation. Finally, the study closed with a set of important recommendations are summed up as follows: Creating special environment for talents inside the university, Effective treatment to the major problems facing faculty members, Identifying those gaps in performance characterizing the faculty teaching members by comparing their actual performance with the expected ones and determine the quality of skills they need in addition to proposing a suitable training program.


Talents Management Strategies, Organizational Affiliation, University, Jordan

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