Measuring the Quality of Health Services in Government Hospitals in Sudan, from the Point of View of Patients and Reviewers.(A Field Study on the Major Teaching Hospitals in Khartoum State)

Mohammednour Eltahir Abdelgadir


This study aimed at measuring the level of quality of health services in government hospitals in Sudan from the point of view of patients and reviewers. The study was conducted on the major teaching hospitals in the state of Khartoum. Was chosen as soft sample of inpatients and outpatient, and the use of a questionnaire consisted of (22) is to measure the quality of health services where the level. The study found that there are fully aware of in patients and reviewers to levels of quality health services to be provided in government hospitals. It also showed that there were no statistically significant differences in the levels of quality of health services in government hospitals at significantly lower level of (0.05) depending on the demographic variables of the sample of gender, age, education, income, place of residence. The study recommended the creation of government hospitals required devices and equipment, and the provision of medical staff and qualified personnel assistance and the provision of appropriate physical evaluation of their effectiveness to ensure it continues to work out, to plant the trust and confidence in the hearts of patients and their auditors.


Health services, Quality of health services, Teaching hospitals

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