The Role of Social Networks in Influencing the Purchasing Decision for Online Consumer: An Analytical Study inQassim University KSA

Mohammad J. A. Al-Adaileh


This study aimed to measure the role of social networks in influencing the student's decision to buy. The study used an analytical technique. Measurement tool was developed to examine the relationship between the study variables. The sample of (524) was selected from Qassim University's student. Results indicate that the dimensions of social networking (Information Exchange, product Rating) have a significant impact in purchasing decision, while indicating no significant impact for customer support as one of the dimensions of social networking. In light of these findings, the study provided a set of the most important recommendations: Managers, Marketers and website designers should recognize the advantages offered by Web 2.0 through social networks. Understanding the functionality of social networking tools, and find out how to use them effectively and efficiently. And determine the social networking aspects that need to be improved, then use the appropriate social networking tool.


The Role of Social Networks, Purchasing Decision, Qassim University.

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