The Applying of Decision-Makers for Forecasting Techniques in the Decision-Making Case Study in Sonatrach Institutions of Skikda

Boughazi Farida


This study aimed at measuring the extent of applying of decision-makers for forecasting techniques in the decision-making in Sonatrach institutions of Skikda state fuels in Algeria.This study has several results including: the degree of predict knowledge techniques on the institution under the consideration of decision- makers were (61.04%) which is considered to be a medium rate, and the extent if their use of qualitative techniques in decision- making were medium as well (2.88%),While, their use of quantitative forecasting techniques(1.77%), were also used despite their dependence on simple moving averages (3.97%), and others either on the factors which limit the application as centralized decisions and the non existence of the grasp forecasting techniques, the success of the administration without it, the reliance to experience, lack of the information, the lack of specialized section in the application , the lack of qualification and weakness of the communication channels. The study concluded to a result that there are statistic differences of the demographic variable and the extent of the usage of the forecasting techniques on males sample above 46 years with more than 25 years of experience and occupy sections vice-president position.


Quantitative techniques, Forecasting, Forecasting techniques, Decision-making, Economic enterprise.

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