The Impact of Empowerment in Realization of Job Satisfaction among Mouhamed Khaider University of Biskra Employees

Mohamed Taher Grichi, Latifa Ahmed Sebti


This study aimed at exploring the effect of the empowerment in job satisfaction among workers at Mouhamed Khaider university of Biskra, It aimed to emphasize the importance of empowerment in the realization of job satisfaction in the same university. To achieve the objectives of the study a questionnaire was developed to collect data from the study sample, a total of 150 questionnaires were distributed of which 139 questionnaires were returned and were ready for analysis. Data were analized using a number of statistical techniques including: the mean, standard deviation and variance analysis, ... etc. it was found that the independent variables of empowerment (delegation of authority, effective communication, motivation, training, and team work) affect the dependent variable (job satisfaction), as it found that the empowerment explains (52% ) of the variance in the dependent variable (job satisfaction), the study also found that the (sex) variable affects the (empowerment) variable.


empowerment, job satisfaction, authority delegation, teamwork

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