The Impact of the Comparative and Differential Advantages on the Performance of the Jordanian Commercial Banks'

Khaled K. Juma'a, Khaled M. Al-Zu'bi


This study aimed to identify the comparative and differential advantages of the Jordanian commercial banks and their impact on the profitability and liquidity of these banks. The researcher divided the banks products into two types; Financial and Investment. The study involved 13 banks in the period of 2001-2010 in which the researcher used Pooled Data Regression. The study indicated that there are significant differences in the Comparative Advantage between banks, and the investment products have been increased over time .The study recommended that it's important for the banks to increase their profits by controlling their operational costs, it also recommended that it is important for the banks to focus on the investment products in order to diversify their sources of income.


Comparative Advantages, Differential Advantages

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