The Extent of Effective E-Business Technologies Adoption in Saudi Hospitals: An Applied Study on Hospitals in Mecca Region

Mo'ath Y. Al-Thunaibat


This study aimed to identify the extent of E-business technologies adoption by hospitals in Mecca region, and to indicate its obstacles. The study was applied on a random sample consisted of 65 hospitals in Mecca region. The questionnaire was built to collect data about the study variables. Descriptive statistics and non-parametric tests, such as sign test, Kruskal- Wallis test and Mann-Whitney test, were used to analyzing data and testing the hypotheses of the study. In conclusion, the study found that there is a low level of E-business systems and technology adopted by government hospitals which are associated to ministry of health, and private hospitals. On the other hand, the government hospitals which are not associated to ministry of health were found to employ high level of E-business systems and technology, specifically E-business systems. In addition, a significant relationship was revealed between the dependent variables (type, size, accreditation and age of the hospitals) and adoption of E-business systems and technology. However, adoption of e-business in hospitals are found to face several obstacles including financial, administrative, technical and human resources. As recommendations, the study proposes some practical strategies to improve the adoption of E-business technology by the hospitals.


E-Business Technologies, Hospitals Adoption, Mecca Region

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