Impact of Mall in Small Business Success: An Exploratory Study on Small Businesses at Mecca Mall in Amman

Mohammed M. AL-Kasasbeh


Small businesses form an engine of the economy and economic growth, an incubator for creativity, innovation, learning, and entrepreneurship. Furthermore; they also help in self-employment, reducing poverty and unemployment, and provide opportunities for new jobs. As small business owners face a number of challenges to achieve success in their businesses, they are looking for tools that can help them succeed. This mission should be viewed as a national responsibility that requires integrative efforts combine government, universities, researchers, and all stakeholders’ cooperation to build up the needed knowledge base. So the idea of this research came up from the researcher feel that the importance of providing information on the factors influencing the success of small business to investors and stakeholders, which is expected to assist policy makers, practitioners and managers in developing tools for success, growth, and survival. This study aims at exploring the impact of mall infrastructure and location, rent cost and its conditions, meeting customers' services and mall reputation, in small business success at Mecca Mall in Amman. A questionnaire was developed to collect data from owners or managers of (160) small businesses in Mecca Mall. The results of the study showed the influence of site and mall infrastructure, and meeting the customers' services and mall reputation in small business success, while no influence of rent cost and its conditions in small business success. Based on the findings, some of the recommendations were proposed


Malls; Mall Infrastructure and Location; Rent Cost and its Conditions; Meeting Customers' Services and Mall Reputation; Small Business Success; Mecca Mall in Amman

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