The Effect of the Organizational Climate on the Organizational Silence in Qassim

Abdullah Mohammad Alwehabie


This study aimed to identify the most important factors causing of organizational silence of the workers in government departments in the Qassim region, as well as to identify the differences in the regulatory climate in those managements and finally access to the following dimensions of organizational climate collectively and individually on the preference of the organizational silence workers. The study found many of the results, where it turned out that the most important factors that lead to silence the regulatory descending order is the directors fear from feedback, lack of communication skills, lack of top management support, isolation, fear of adverse reactions to any suggestions or criticisms presented by staff, as proven results also there are differences between the regulatory climate in those Government departments, as well as it turned out that there were differences between silence regulatory Government departments, while the results proved the existence of the effect of the values of good flow of communication and perception of the human race individually and collectively to silence regulatory in government departments in Qassim.


Organizational Climate, Qassim

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