Impact of Leadership Styles on Organizational Learning: Field Study of Jordanian Manufacturing Firms

Shaker J. Alkshali, Ayad F. Al-Temimi


This study aimed to examine the effect of transactional leadership styles (contingent rewards and management by exception) and transformational leadership styles (Individualized consideration, charismatic-inspiration and intellectual stimulation) on organizational learning (adaptive and generative). A questionnaire was administered to a sample of (128) managers in (16) manufacturing companies in Jordan. A number of statistical tools and indicators were used in accordance with the study problem and purpose, among these was the multiple regression test. Results showed that transactional and transformational leadership had a significant effect on organizational learning, with its two types. The study provided a number of recommendations, including reinforcing transformational leadership style in the management of manufacturing firms, in order to maximize employees’ contribution to generative organizational learning.


Leadership Styles, Organizational Learning, manufacturing companies, Jordan

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