The Impact of Benchmarking in Achieving Continuous Process and Products Quality Improvement: A Field Study in the Jordanian Pharmaceutical Companies

Murad S. attiany, Abdulnaser I. Nour


This study's objective was to identify the role of benchmarking in improving the process and products of the Jordanian pharmaceutical companies. To achieve this objective, the study was comprised of two parts; the first part focused on comprehensive review of relevant theoretical literature, the second part gathered applicable benchmarking data through a special questionnaire, which was designed and distributed to the pharmaceutical firms. The study model was developed in view of two main groups of hypotheses, which produced sub hypotheses. This model centered on the existence of a statistically significant benchmarking impact on improving process and products. Following to the data analysis the most important result reached by this study were: The existence of the statistically significant impact of benchmarking on the continuous improvements related to both, products and processes in the pharmaceutical firms. Based upon the concluded result a set of recommendations were presented, the most important of these is: the Jordanian pharmaceutical companies should adopt benchmarking techniques, and facilitate the work of benchmarking teams to improve the reputation and quality of Jordanian pharmaceutical products.


Benchmarking, Total Quality, Continuous Improvement, Products, Operation, Jordanian Pharmaceutical Sector.

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