The Effect of Transactional Leadership on Sense of Job Insecurity and Psychological Withdrawal from Work "Afield Study ".

Mervat M. Mursi


This study aimed to explore the effect of Transactional Leadership on both sense of job insecurity and psychological withdrawal from work. And aimed to determine whether the Psychological Ownership as an Immediate variable mediates this effect or not. By relaying on a field study carried out on a sample of (420) subject of Demonstrators and Assistant Lecturers who are working in Zagazyg university, which included (230) Demonstrators and (190) Assistant Lecturers.the study concluded that perceptions of Transactional leadership had Significantly and negatively affect on Job insecurity feelings and Psychological withdrawal from work.


Job Insecurity, Psychological Ownership, Psychological Withdrawal from Work, Transactional Leadership, Arab Republic of Egypt.

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