The Influence of Self and Group-Enhancing Innovations on User Self-Construal: An Experimental Study

Hesham Fazel, André Laplume, Etayankara Muralidharan


This research paper introduces the concepts of self-enhancing and group-enhancing innovations and explains how they may affect user self-construal differently. It is argued that self-enhancing innovations decrease the interdependent self-construal of the user, whereas, group-enhancing innovations decrease the independent self-construal of the user. Pre-test was conducted to identify of the concepts of self-enhancing and group-enhancing innovations. Then a pilot test using a randomized pre-test/post-test design was conducted to pretest the study research design. Employing a sample of consumers in a randomized pre-test/post-test design, the study presents results supporting the hypothesized effect of self-enhancing innovation, and provides partial support for the hypothesized effects of group-enhancing innovation. We discuss the implications of this research for the nexus of business and society as manifested by the interaction of technology and culture.


Technology, Innovation, Self-Construal, Experimental Design

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