The Effect of King Abudulaziz Award In Improving Employee's Performance In Governmental Hospitals In Taif City

Mahmoud H. Alataibi


This study aimed at investigating the effect of King Abdulaziz Award in improving employees’ performance in governmental hospitals in Taif city. The research studied four dimensions including: managing the outpatient appointments, minimizing the time of waiting, high-level behaviors deal, and minimizing errors in prescriptions.The study population included the citizens using governmental hospital services in Taif city. For purposes of the study, random sample was taken including 100 beneficiaries. The researcher used two tools for data collection including , observation of the accuracy and time required for services, and the questionnaire to measure the extent of performance improve of employees in government hospitals in Taif city after the launch of King Abdulaziz Award from the point of view of beneficiaries of health services.The results showed that the governmental hospital rely on technology to manage patients’ appointments and revisions increased after the participation in King Abdul Aziz Award. The time required to receive services through beneficiaries decreased, the citizen receive the decent reception and polite behave, and the errors in prescriptions decreased after the Award.Performance, King Abdulaziz Award, Governmental Hospitals in Taif City


Performance, King Abdulaziz Award, Governmental Hospitals in Taif City

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