The Effect of Corporate Governance on the Performance of the listed Companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries

Abdalmuttaleb M. Musleh Al-Sartawi


This study investigates the effect of corporate governance on the performance of listed gulf companies. And at the same time investigates the level of difference between these companies in implementing the corporate governance. To achieve that the researcher analyzed the financial statements of 240 listed companies in the financial sector: banks, investment and insurance in GCC. Results indicate that, despite of the variation in applying corporate governance between the GCC Listed companies, there is a sufficient level of commitment to the principles of corporate governance as well as the results showed that some performance indicators effected by corporate governance principles. Because corporate governance is considered as an important principle for shareholders protection, the results of this study provides an empirical evidence to policy makers and regulators in GCC countries to harmonize their efforts toward developing a consolidated guide for corporate governance practices and at the same time the need to educate the public in GCC concerning corporate governance to develop good practices and regulations of corporate governance.


Corporate Governance; Financial Performance; Operational Performance; Stock Performance; Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

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