Audit Fees and Agency Costs: An Empirical Examination of Companies Listed on the Amman Stock Exchange

Mishiel Suwaidan, Suzan Rasmi Abed, Sabeeka Melham


The objective of this study is to empirically investigate the impact of agency costs of free cash flow (FCF) on audit fees and to examine the impact of growth level on the FCF and audit fees association. Data were collected from the financial statements of the manufacturing and services companies listed on the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) for the year 2011. Out of a total of 124 companies listed on ASE, data of 110 companies were obtained. Of the sample, 44.5% whilst 55.5% of firms belonged to the service and manufacturing sectors, respectively. The results showed that there was no significant relationship between agency costs of FCF and audit fees, while the results documented a significant positive relationship between audit fees and both the corporate size and size of audit firm. Moreover, results revealed that firms’ growth level had no impact on the audit fees and FCF relationship.


Audit Fees, FCF, Agency Cost, Amman Stock Exchange, Jordan

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