Impact of Application Quality Service Dimensions on Patients Results Field Study in the Jordanian Primary Health Care Centers

Naser Ibrahim Saif


This study is based on primary health care centers as a major health care provider within the health service
sector in Jordan. The study concentrated upon the application of quality dimensions in primary health care
centers. Also, the study aimed at identifying attitudes of diabetic patients at the primary health care centers
towards applying the quality dimensions of health services, and towards its impact on their results. This
study was conducted in the Central Laboratory (Ministry of Health), using both quantitative and qualitative
research and included (340) patients. Data were collected through a questionnaire, interviews and annual
report of the MOH. Descriptive and inferential statistics were utilized to analyze data from questionnaires.
The quantitative findings revealed that the primary health care centers apply quality service dimensions at
acceptable levels. Study results indicated that the level of patients’ satisfaction and health results are
acceptable and there is a direct positive impact of the levels of the application of total quality service
dimensions on the patient satisfaction and health results. The qualitative finding indicated that the primary
health care centers need to overcome a range of difficulties associated with the application of quality
dimensions of health services. The study concludes with recommendations to the primary health care
centers of Jordan; in order to get rid of the negative aspects, improve the experience of the application of
quality service dimensions, and patients’ satisfaction.


Dimensions Of Quality, Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Patient Results, Primary Health Care Centers, Jordan.

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