The Strategic role of the Internal Environment Analysis upon Creating Competitive Advantages in the Algerian Industrial Organizations (Field Study)

Ben Ahsan Ahsan Salah El-Deen


This study that has been conducted on the Algerian industrial sector aims to demonstrate the existence and
measure the impact of the internal environment analysis upon creating competitive advantages in the
Algerian industrial organizations. (87) questionnaires were distributed on managers in a sample of
industrial organizations located in the city of Bordj Bou Arreridj –Algeria-. The study concluded several
findings concerning the importance of internal environment analysis and its impact on the creation of
competitive advantages in the Algerian industrial organizations. The main findings were: the existence of
an impact of internal environment analysis upon the creation of competitive advantages. Furthermore, one
of the most important findings showed that the study sample organizations are interested in analyzing their
internal environment, but they give some environmental elements more consideration than others. One
other important finding in this study was that the study sample organizations acquire competitive
advantages but they don’t seek to sustain them. In the light of these findings, the researcher has proposed a
set of recommendations, the most important were: organizations need to consider improving their
marketing strategies, as well as the need to exploit their production capacity more efficiently, and pay
greater attention to human resources management as they have an impact on promoting their strengths, and
thus their competitive advantages.


Internal Environment Analysis, Organization, Competitive Advantages.

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