Performance Appraisal System Effectiveness and its Impact on Organizational Excellence: Applied Study at the Social Security Corporation in Jordan

"Mohammad Theeb” Mubaideen


This study aimed at identifying the effectiveness of the performance appraisal system and its impact on
organizational excellence at the public institution for social security. The study was conducted on a sample
selected from all the employees working at the Public Institution for Social Security counting (260)
individual. A questionnaire was developed to collect data from the study sample. The study found a
medium level of effectiveness of corporate performance appraisal system, in addition to a high level of
organizational excellence. Results showed the presence of an impact of the effectiveness of the
performance appraisal system fields (legislation, problems, objectives, standards, and the people who do
the appraisal) on organizational excellence at the Social Security Corporation. The study recommended the
need to conduct workshops for workers in the organization to clarify the concept of assessing staff
performance and the steps to be followed to obtain a high degree of evaluation.


Performance Appraisal, Organizational Excellence, Legislations, Objectives, Standards.

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