The Relationship Between Intellectual Capital and Innovation In Jawwal Company-Gaza

Nihaya El Telbani


The aim of this study was to explore the relationship between the intellectual capital ( human, structural , and customer) and innovation in Jawwal Company. In this study, a descriptive analytical methodology was used where all the employees in Jawwal Company ( 185 employees) were included . From the 185 distributed questionnaires, 150 were returned with a response rate of 81%. The study found that Jawwal Company is focusing on all the components of intellectual capital (human, structural, and customer) and the mean of all items of the intellectual capital was (80.14%) which indicates that there is a positive evidence that Jawwal Company is managing its intellectual capital effectively. The study also found that the three components of intellectual capital have significant positive relationship at a significant level 0.05 with innovation in Jawwal Company. The study reached many recommendations such as the need to concentrate on all the components of intellectual capital in order to have more innovative competence. The study shows that the most influential component is structural capital. Therefore, innovative performance can be improved by paying particular attention to the company's structural capital.


Intellectual Capital , Human Capital, Structural Capital , Customer Capital, Innovation.

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