The Role of Organizational Climate in Achieving Creative Performance and Enhancing Competitiveness in the North Region

Ahmad Abed Ismae’el As-Safar, Mahmoud Mohammad Al-Ajlouni, Abdalnaser Ahmad Jaradat


This study aims to identify the role of organizational climate in achieving creative performance and enhancing competitiveness in the Jordanian commercial banks operating in the Northern Region. The creative performance has been studied in a sample of (150) workers in five commercial banks with the highest  market value; these banks are  Arab Bank, Jordan Kuwait Bank, Cairo Amman Bank,  Housing Bank for Trade and Finance, Bank of  Jordan.

The study found that commercial banks are highly interested in creating an appropriate regulatory environment leading to creativity in terms of performance and enhancing their competitiveness. The technology element has achieved the highest level of creative performance, while the work incentives have attained the lowest level.  In addition, the workers do not appear to have interest in work incentives provided, particularly financial intensives which are appropriate to the cost of living level. Also, the study indicates that the administrative polices applied were not so clear.

Finally, the study suggests a number of recommendations such as encouraging the bank managers to create an appropriate organizational clime leading to increase the workers creative ability, giving more interest to work incentives by providing financial rewards to innovative workers.      


Organizational climate, Creative performance, Enhancing competitiveness, Commercial banks

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