Determiners of Job Satisfaction and Stability in Aqaba Ports Corporation (Field Study)

Zyad Mohammad Ali Al-Smadi, Firas Mohammad Al-Rawashdeh


The present study aims at identifying the levels of job satisfaction and stability for a sample number of Aqaba Ports Corporation’s (280) employees. The sample was selected using the method of stratified random sampling technique, and it depends upon the descriptive analysis theoretically and practically. The study derives its importance from the significant role of the Corporation in developing Jordan economy. It also shows that there is a strong relationship between the work environment, direct boss, the employee's skill usage and the level of job satisfaction and stability. Nevertheless, the relationship appears to be adverse between the superior administration, incentives and the level of job satisfaction and stability. The study recommends the necessity of providing incentives, improving work environment and enhancing the relationship between the administration and its subordinates.


Determiners of job stability, Job stability, Job satisfaction, Aqaba port corporation.

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