The Effect of Relational Bonds on Switching Behavior of Mobile Service Users in Jordan

Mohammad Suleiman Awwad


This study aimed at investigating the effect of relational bonds (financial, structural and social bonds) upon the switching behavior of mobile phone service users in Jordan. A number of 600 questionnaires were distributed to a convenience sample of Jordanian universities' students (two public and two private universities). 450 questionnaires were valid to analyze. Questionnaire had 21 items measured on a five- point likert scale to measure study variables. The data were analyzed using regression analysis. It was found that all the three components of relational bonds (financial, structural and social) had a significant effect on switching behavior of mobile service users, and the structural bonds were the most influence on switching behavior, followed by financial and finally social bonds. This study provided a number of conclusions and recommendations that give mobile service providers a better understanding of how to manage customer relationships and to prevent them from switching to competitors. Direction for future research also proposed.


Relational Bonds, Financial Bonds, Structural Bonds, Social Bonds, Switching Behavior, Mobile Phone, Jordan

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