Concept of a Learning Organization in the Jordanian Universities from the Viewpoint of the Teaching Staff

Kamel Al-hawajreh


This study aimed to identify the concept of a learning organization in the Jordanian universities, from the viewpoint of the teaching staff in those universities. A questionnaire has been developed to identify the collection of data from a sample study that aimed at achieving the objectives of the study and testing of assumptions. The study reached the following conclusions:

There are statistically significant differences between the vision of faculty members on the importance of the characteristics of a learning organization, attributable to the qualified scientific and private universities and their interaction with each of the years of experience and participation in training courses. There are significant differences between the vision of faculty members at Jordanian universities and a group of special factors supportive of the importance of the application of a learning organization; these are due to the variables: Jordanian universities, qualified scientific and management training, interaction with Jordanian universities for each of the years of experience, and management training. In the light of these results, the wording of some recommendations to strengthen the building of the Jordanian universities as learning organizations was given.


Learning Organization, Characteristics of a Learning organization, Organizational and cultural factors that support the learning Organization

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