The Importance of Applying Instruments and Techniques of Modern Banking in Strengthening the Overall Performance of the Palestinian National Banks

Mohammad AbdulRahman AlShanti


The study aimed to identify the importance of instruments and techniques of modern banking services, As well as to identify the impact of the use of these tools and new technologies in enhancing the overall performance of the Palestinian national banks, The study included seven Palestinian national banks and its branches, The study sample consisted of 229 randomly selected employees working in the Departments and sections related to this study, The researchers used the descriptive analytical approach through the development a particular questionnaire to achieve the objectives of the study, The results indicate the existence of statistically significant effect of the importance of the use of tools and techniques of modern banking in enhancing the overall performance of the Palestinian banks, Operational cost, profitability as well as cash flow and competitiveness,Based on the results of the study, the researchers recommended national banks in applying the experience of global banks, in order to be transformed into the application of comprehensive banking services gradually in order to Enhance their overall performance, and the most important themes that must be taken into account, to maximize the benefit from information and communication technology revolution in the banking business and increase investment spending in the area of instruments and techniques of modern banking, and deepening and expansion of the use of the Internet to provide a variety of advanced banking services to customers more efficiently and cost less, And work to develop the skills of staff to market the benefits of modern banking, thereby enhancing the increase in market share of the bank and improve the overall performance indicators.


Modern banking instruments, Enhance the overall performance, National banks/ Palestine


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