The Impact of Knowledge Sharing on the Human Resources Performance: A Case Study of TV and NR’s Production Unit of CONDOR Company in Algeria

Hocine T. Bouraghda, Narimane B. Dris


This research aims to study the impact of knowledge sharing on human resource performance, in order to achieve the research objective, a case study was fulfilled in the TV and NR’s production unit of CONDOR in Bordj Bou Arreridj, using a set of data collection tools, and the questionnaire as a principal tool in research which was distributed among 117 respondents, through a categorical randomly sample, using the multiple linear regression model to test the research hypotheses. The research found that knowledge sharing has a statistical significant impact on human resource performance in the unit under study, where there is a positive impact of knowledge sharing on human resource productivity, human resources’ work quality and the behavioral side of human resource performance, through knowledge sharing processes which are knowledge exchange, knowledge transfer and knowledge conversion, even knowledge sharing misses planning and guidance by senior management in the unit under study that limits its role.


knowledge, knowledge sharing, Human resources performance

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