The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Improving the Effectiveness of Teamwork - (A Field Study on the Jordanian Banking Sector)

Omar Muhammad Durrah


This study aims to identify the level of emotional intelligence in the Jordanian banking sector, and determine the role of emotional intelligence in improving the effectiveness of teamwork. For the purpose of achieving the study objectives a questionnaire was developed to measure study variables. The population of the study are directors, heads of departments and service providers who work in the Jordanian banking sector. The study found that the level of emotional intelligence of the workers in the banking sector is high. The highest dimension of the practiced by workers was the use of emotions then managing of emotions, and finally, perception and understand of emotions. The results also showed that the degree of effectiveness of teamwork in the banking sector is high. The most effectiveness of teamwork factors was style of leadership, then team confidence and finally team cohesion. The study showed also the dimensions of emotional intelligence (perception and understanding of emotions, managing of emotions) affect significantly both of the team leadership style and team cohesion. In addition it was all the emotional intelligence dimensions (perception and understanding of emotions, managing of emotions, the use of emotions) affect significantly the team confidence.


Emotional Intelligence, Effectiveness, Teamwork, Banking Sector, Jordan

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