The Impact of Political Reform in Jordan on Performance Improvement In Government Apparatus from Perspective of Employees in Central Ministries.

Anis saker Khasawneh


This study aimed at identifying levels of political reform and improvement in the performance of Jordanian government ministries during the Arab spring period 2011-till present time. Moreover, the study attempted to investigate the impact of political reform on improvement in the functioning of government organizations. To collect needed data. A structured questionnaire was developed by the author and distributed to (500) employees ‘randomly selected from 10 central ministries in the capital city Amman. Various statistical techniques such as mean averages ,percentages, standard deviation, One-sample and independent two- sample (T) tests, analysis of variance and simple linear regression were utilized to handle the data and test research hypotheses. Findings of study indicated that levels of political reform and improvement in the performance of government apparatus are medium with no statistically variations in respondents’ estimates according to age, level of education, title of the job, length of service in the ministry were reflected. One the other hand, significant variations were reported in respondents’ assessment of political reform according to gender in behalf of males. Similarly, respondent divided significantly on their estimates of both political reform and level of improvement in performance of government organizations according to the ministry to which they belong and the variation was in behalf of four ministries: communication and information technology, Justice, Finance and customs, and Planning and international cooperation. Findings also disclosed a significant impact of political reform on improvement of performance of government apparatus with political reform explaining (42,7%)of the variation in performance improvement. Finally, it was recommended that other variables germane to political reform and its reflections on the performance of government apparatus such as economic, financial, social, demographic in additions to the turmoil and violence in the neighboring Arab countries be studied and explicated by future studies.


Political reform, Performance of government apparatus, accountability, transparency, quality of treating clients, protecting public money, neutrality and objectivity, political corruption, merit and quality

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