The Impact of Jordan’s Logistic Capabilities and Supply Chain Performances on Textile Manufacturing Firm Performances: An Empirical Investigation

Moh’d Anwer AL-Shboul


The main purpose of this study is to investigate the current five Jordan’s Logistic Capabilities (JLCs) and five Supply Chain Performance (SCP) elements that are used in Textile Manufacturing Firms (TMFs) in Jordan and their impacts on Textile Manufacturing Firm Performances (TMFP). The target population for this study was high-level managers (i.e. logistics managers, etc.) that was randomly selected in large-sized TMFs that already have listed in the ministry of industry and trade in Jordan. Data was collected through self-administered questionnaire that was distributed among TMFs in Jordan. Total of 44 questionnaires were valid for analysis. A Large-scale survey questionnaire was used for data collection process and applied after using a pilot study survey. The research framework was tested using hypothesis-testing deductive approach. Descriptive statistics such as means, and standard deviations were used. Furthermore, multiple regression analysis and Pearson Correlation Coefficient that identified the impacts of main dimensions. Survey responses were analysed by using SPSS (17).
The results show that JLCs is well established, prepared and used to high degree in terms of roads, seaport, and telecommunication that can facilitate and support SCP elements. JLCs elements already have moderate positive significant impact on SCP (H1). SCP, practices that are adopted in terms of supply chain flexibility was found high degree; while, supply chain responsiveness, customer satisfaction, and delivery reliability were found to moderate degree; whereas, supplier cooperation to weak degree. Additionally, it is found that SCP elements have strong positive significant impact on TMFP (H2); whereas, JLCs elements have moderate positive significant impact on TMFP (H3). This paper provides an overview of the field of JLCs and supply chain performance; therefore, it will be of high value for top managers, policy makers and academics, which may aid managers in decision-making process.


: Logistics Capabilities, Supply chain, Large-sized textile firms, Manufacturing, Performance, Jordan, Questionnaire study

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