The Role of Modern Leadership Styles in Enhancing the Behavior of Organizational Citizenship among Employees Working in Jordanian Banks

Odai Mohammad Yaghmour, Taghrid Saleh Suifan, Ayman Bahjat Abdallah


This study aimed at investigating the role of modern leadership styles in enhancing organizational citizenship behavior of employees working in Jordanian banks. To this end, four leadership styles have been selected: transformational leadership, transactional leadership, passive/avoidant leadership and ethical leadership. In order to achieve the study objectives, a questionnaire has been designed to collect data. The study population consisted of all employees working in operating Jordanian banks, where 600 questionnaires were distributed to the respondents. The number of questionnaires distributed to each bank was proportional to the number of its employees. The number of questionnaires that were returned and were valid for analysis was 395, representing a response rate of 65.83%. The study revealed that transformational, transactional and ethical leadership styles have a positive effect on the organizational citizenship behavior of employees, while passive/avoidant leadership has a negative effect on the organizational citizenship behavior. The study concluded with some recommendations, including advising managers to pay more attention to their actions, behaviors and leadership styles, as these will affect the behaviors and attitudes of their subordinates. The researchers also recommended further similar studies to be conducted in other sectors in Jordan to confirm the findings of this study.


Transformational leadership, Transactional leadership, Passive/avoidant leadership, Ethical leadership, Organizational citizenship behavior

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