The Mediating Role of E-Satisfaction on the Relationship between E-Service Quality and Customer E-Loyalty in Internet Banking

Rand H. Al-Dmour, Muhammed Alnafouri, Ali Al-Alwan


This study aims at examining the impact of e-service quality on e-loyalty and the mediating role of e-satisfaction in this relationship among Jordanian customers of internet banking.A pre-designed questionnaire was distributed to 500 full-time working adults who worked in Amman by e-mail and hand. The response rate was 79.40%. The empirical findings of the study confirmed that there was a positive significant relationship between the e-service quality and e-loyalty and proved the role of e-satisfaction as a mediatorin the internet banking industry. These findings may aid future researchers in understanding the inherent relationships that lie between the constructs’ question and may provide a platform for banking managers in their efforts to improve internet customer banking service.


Electronic Service Quality (E-SQ), Electronic Satisfaction (E-Satisfaction), Electronic Loyalty (E-Loyalty)

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