An Empirical Investigation of Bank Lottery Prizes Impact on Banks Performance

Bashar Khaled Abu Khalaf, Khaleel Alnabulsi


The aim of this study is to empirically investigate the role of lottery prizes, as a depositor marketing tool, on the performance of Jordanian banks. It is of high interest for academics and specialists in finance and marketing as well as investors, to study the implications of the lottery prizes on the general performance of banks, measured by net interest margin and return on assets. Thirteen Commercial banks in Jordan were enrolled in this study between the years 2000-2016. The results of this study showed that lottery prizes had a positive effect on the performance of banks, whereas bank efficiency was negatively affected by lottery prizes. The study concluded that customers are paying the extra cost of lottery prizes provided by banks, in the form of increased net interest margin.


Lottery prizes, Performance, Net Interest Margin, Return on Asset.

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