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Hamed, A.
Hamed, Faisal, Damascus University (Syrian Arab Republic)
Hamed, Faisal
Hamed, Faisel, Prof., Department of Horticulture Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University, Damascus, Syria (Syrian Arab Republic)
Hamed, Fesal
hamed, Fisal, Damascus University (Syrian Arab Republic)
Hameed, K. M., Department of Plant Production, Faculty of Agriculture, Jordan University of Science and Technology, P.O. Box 3030, Irbid 22110, Jordan.
Hameed, K. M.
Hameed, Khadir
Hameed, Khidhir Abbas
Hammad, Yaser
Hammadeh, Hosni, جامعة حلب (Syrian Arab Republic)
Hammdi, Mushtaq Talip
Hammed, Mohammed Y., College of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Mosul, Mosul ,Iraq (Iraq)
Hammouri, M. K.
Hamra, Amira H.
Harb, M. Y., Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture /University of Jordan
Harb, Mohammed
Harb, Mohammed Y., Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture /University of Jordan,
Harba, Nezar
Hareri, Fouad, Daraa Agricultural Research Center, Jellen , Daraa, Syria (Syrian Arab Republic)
Harizanova, V. (Jordan)
Hasan, Ghaitha, Tishreen University (Syrian Arab Republic)
Hasan, Hebah I., Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Jordan, Amman. Jordan (Jordan)
Hashemi, Masoud, University of Massachusetts Amherst (United States)
Hashemniya, Pariya, Guilan Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Rasht, Iran (Iran, Islamic Republic of)
Hashim, A. J.
Hassan, A. A., University of Baghdad (Iraq)
Hassan, Ashwaq A.
Hassan, Khasraw M.
Hassan, M. A. A., Maize Research Section, FCRI, ARC (Egypt)
Hassan, Mohamad Toufic (Jordan)
Hassan, Mohamed Toufic
Hassan, Nayem (United Kingdom)
Hassan, S. A.
Hassan, Shaker A.
Hassan, Shakir A., Dept. of Anim. Res., College of Agric., Univ. of Baghdad, Iraq
Hassawi, Dhia S.
Hassawi, Dhia S., Al-Balqa’ Applied University (Jordan)
Hasyan, Ramez Murshed
Hattar, Butros I.
Havaskary, Mohammad
Hdeib, Talal M.
Hdid, Maha
Hebra, Najeh (Syrian Arab Republic)
Heidari, Hassan, University of Razi Kermanshah (Iran, Islamic Republic of)
Heidari, Hassan, Razi University (Iran, Islamic Republic of)
Helmy, M.
Hendi, Husaen Ali, Tikrit University (Iraq)
Heng, Lee K.

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