The Effect of Green Manurnig on Some Qualitative Characteristics of Berries of Al-Baladi and Al-Hulwani Grapevine Cultivars

George T. Daboul, Imad Al-Issa, Mahmoud Oudeh


Research trials were carried out in two successive seasons (2004 / 2005, 2005 / 2006) on the vines of two local cultivars (Al-Baladi and Al-Hulwani) to study the influence of green manuring with Berseem (T), Rye (R) and their mixture (TR) (1:1), in addition to control, on some berry qualitative characteristics (100 berry weight and size, berry firmness, total soluble solids content (TSS), must pH and must vitamin C content).
The used treatments caused a significant increase in berry weight and size in comparison with control, especially when berseem was used, which led to 100 berry weight of Al-Baladi and Al-Hulwani cultivars of about 1032.157, 882.17g, respectively, but they were 727.618, 633.157g, respectively in their controls, and 100 berry size was about 946.965, 865.01 cm3 under berseem influence in Al-Baladi and Al-Hulwani cultivars, respectively, where 100 berry size was 686.157, 565.73 cm3 in the controls of the two mentioned cultivars, respectively.
Results showed also a significant increase in (TSS) content in must of the two cultivars when compared with controls, TSS content increased significantly from 13.37 % in Al-Baladi control to 15.492 % when berseem was used, and increased from 14.717 % in the control of Al-Hulwani cultivar to 17.133 % under the effect of rye treatment. Also must pH increased significantly from 4.818 in Al-Baladi control to 5.14 when berseem was used, and from 4.912 in Al-Hulwani control to 5.063 under the influence of rye treatment. It was found that the best treatment affecting vitamin C content in the must of Al-Baladi cultivar was berseem which raised vitamin C content from 1.542 mg / 100g to 2.933 mg / 100g, but the green mixture raised vitamin C content in Al-Hulwani cultivar from 0.99 mg / 100g to 2.102 mg / 100g. Also, it was found that all the treatments caused a significant reduction in berry firmness in comparison with controls of the used cultivars.
It could be concluded that green manures could be used in vineyards, for their positive impacts on both soil and crop.


Grapevine, Al-Baladi cultivar, Al-Hulwani cultivar, Green manuring, Rye, Berry quality, Berry firmness, Vitamin C

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