Population Density of Khapra Beetle, Trogoderma granarium Everts (Dermestidae: Coleoptera), on Grains and Spikes of Wheat and Barley

Riyad R. Al-Iraqi, Zahra I. Dallal - Bashi, Raed S. Al - Safar


This study was conducted to determine the population density of khapra beetle, Trogoderma granarium Everts, on grains and spikes of wheat (Adnania variety) and barely (barley hybrid, Forat × Baraka; black barley, Al-Jazera variety and White barley, Badea variety) under natural room storage condition for five months period (from July till November, 2012), in addition the loss in weight due to the infestation were evaluated. The results indicated that, for each sample of 25 gm, the average total number of all stages of insect recorded on grains at the end of storage period were 927.50 individuals and the total weight loss due to infestation were 25.68% while on spikes there were 15.42 individuals and weight losses of 0.24%. The highest mean number of all stages was 1045.50 individuals with highest weight losses of 24.6% in wheat grains and the lowest number was 8.70 individual with lowest weight losses of 0.64% in white barley grains. The interaction between the kind of storage, in grains or spikes, with the kind of grains have considerably significant effect on the mean number of different stages of insect as well as the mean weight loss.


khapra beetle , Trogoderma granarium

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