Resumption of Ovarian Activity in Shami Cows Postpartum

M. AL-Dakkak, S. Salhab


Forty one Shami cows available in Dier-Al-Hajar Station, having 1-5 lactations were used to monitor ovarian activity postpartum (pp), determine the times of the 1st ovulation and estrus, the diameters of dominant follicles and length of ovarian cycle till day 65 pp. Transrectal Ultrasound Echo System (7.5 MHz probe) was used to monitor the daily development and regression of ovarian follicles during the study. Results indicated that the frequency of the first ovulation pp was 19.5, 36.6, 24.4 and 7.3% for cows ovulating the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th dominant follicles, respectively, and there is no ovulation in 12.2% during this study. The first ovulation was determined after 34.6±1.9 day pp, while estrus detected on day 49.1±2.3 pp. There were no effects of parities (primiparous and multiparous), season and suckling on the time of 1st ovulation pp. However, the 1st estrus occurred earlier in primiparous than in multiparous cows and in winter compared to other seasons. The frequency of short (8-13 days), intermediate (17-24 days) and long ovarian cycle (cycles without estrus detected) (25-31days) was 27.8, 58.3 and 13.9%, respectively, with an average length equals to 18.8±1.1 days. It was concluded that Shami cows resumed their ovarian activity quickly pp, this refers to the ability of insemination and fertilization within 2-3 months pp if there is the appropriate of environmental and management.


Ovarian activity postpartum, Ovarian follicular waves, Ovulation, Estrus, Shami cattle

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