The Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by Agricultural Extension Agents working in Agricultural Extension work in Sohag Governorate

Mansour Hofny AbdElWahed


The objectives of the study are to determine the degree of using information and communication technology (ICT) by the public agricultural extension agents, and to identify the constraints of using ICT. A convenient sample of 135 respondents was selected and data was collected by personal interviews using a structured questionnaire during August 2013. The results showed that the computer was used to a large extent by 29%, internet by 22% and the Virtual Extension and Research Communication Network (VERCON) by 32%. The main constraints to the use of VERCON were the lack of or slow updating of the network. Significant relationships (p  0.01) were found between the degree of using ICT and age, period of extension work and attending training programs.


Information and Communication Technology, Agricultural Extension Work

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