Effect of Plant Density and Phosphate Fertilizer On Coriander Oil )Coriandrum sativum L.(

حلا علي محمد


The lack of information about the cultivation of coriander plant in Syria prompted us to study the effect of four plant densities (33.33, 10, 13.33 and 20 plant/m2), and four levels of phosphate fertilization (0, 107.2, 160.8 and 214.4 k.g/ha of Superphosphate 46%) on some productive and quality traits of the coriander plant. This study was carried out in Tartous province during the growing season 2014, using Randomized Complete Block design with a Split Plot arrangement of treatments. The Results revealed that there were significant differences between the treatments for the whole traits, in addition to a significant interaction between density and phosphate fertilization. Although the densities (33.33, 20 and 13.33 plant/m2) varied in their effect, they had superiority upon the )10) plant/m2, and the density 33.33 plant/m2 had more important effect in terms of increasing each of: oil on leaf and fruits in plants. However, the level 214.4 k.g/ha P2O5 increased the oil in leafs plant and fruits.


coriander, plant density, Phosphate Fertilizer, essential oil, Apiaceae.


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