Effect of Defoliation Treatments and Nitrogen Rates on Yield, Yield Components and Seed Germination Traits of Wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Hassan Heidari


To determine leaf position importance and nitrogen rate in wheat (Triticum aestivum) seed yield and produced seed germination traits, a field experiment and a laboratory experiment were conducted in 2011-2012. Four defoliation treatments (D1=0, D2= flag leaf, D3=all leaves except flag leaf and D4= all leaves) and two nitrogen rates (N1=0 and N2=150 kg N ha-1) made the field experiment treatments. The laboratory experiment was designed to test germination traits of seed produced from maternal plant under defoliation and nitrogen rate. Results showed that flag leaf removal significantly reduced seed yield compared to untouched leaves and application of nitrogen treatment (D1N2), but removal of all leaves except flag leaf had no significant reduction compared to D1N2. Application of nitrogen fertilizer on complete defoliated mother plant can increase produced seedling weight. It is recommended to delete mother plant under complete defoliation for seed production due to lower seed germination and vigor.


defoliation, flag leaf, leaf position, maternal plant effect, nitrogen, seed germination.

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