Influence of Organic and Chemical Fertilization on Fruit Yield and Quality of Plastic-House Grown Strawberry

Atif Yasseen Mahadeen


A plastic-house experiment was carried out during fall season 2004/2005 at the Agricultural Research Station, Mu’tah University, Al-Karak, Jordan, to study the effect of organic and chemical fertilizers on fruit yield and quality of strawberry. Treatments consisted of two levels of organic fertilizer (0 and 40 ton/ha) and four levels of chemical fertilizer (0, 20, 60 and 100 kg/ha). Strawberry yield was significantly increased by adding organic and/or chemical fertilizer relative to 0 and 20 kg/ha of chemical fertilizer. Fruit number was significantly decreased; average fruit weight and vitamin C content were increased, but TSS % was not affected by adding organic fertilizer. Fresh and dry weights of shoot were significantly increased with organic fertilizer. Leaf- N content was significantly increased with adding organic fertilizer, whereas leaf-P tended to be slightly increased and leaf contents of K, Cu, Mn and Zn were not affected. Organic fertilizer increased soil electrical conductivity (EC) and organic matter content, while soil pH was not affected.


Fragaria xananassa Duch., Strawberry, Organic farming, Chemical fertilizer, Poultry manure

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