Physico-Chemical Properties and Effectiveness of the most Common Insecticides used in Bangladesh to Control Brinjal Soot and Fruit Borer (BSFB)

Abdus Salam Bhuiyan, Shahjahan Ali, Nur Mohammad Talukder, M A Sattar, Sk Al Zaheri Mahmud, Mahmud2 Al-Reza


The present study aims at investigating the actual situation prevailing in Bangladesh in respect to quality control and management system of different pesticides. The most commonly used pesticides for insect-pests control of vegetables are diazinon, malathion and fenitrothion. In connection with the quality control and assessment of pesticides, samples of diazinon, malathion and fenitrothion were collected from different sources of formulation/repackaging factories existing in Bangladesh and tested in the laboratory. Analytical results of those samples indicated that quality of pesticides collected from factory premises found comparatively better than that of field samples. Field experiments with collected pesticides were conducted on brinjal to find out the effectiveness of 4-different treatments having 4-different doses of each pesticide to control brinjal soot and fruit borer (BSFB) at flowering and fruiting stage. The treatment of fenitrothion was the best with lowest shoot infestation (5.57%) and found superior to control BSFB than all other pesticide treatments.


Organophosphorus pesticides, Brinjal plant, Quality control, Pest control, BSFB

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